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    E-book readers in higher education

    juli 16th, 2012

    Sammendrag: This paper reports on a research project at the University of Agder that has studied the use of e-readers as a tool for academic study. E-readers (Kindle DX and iPad) were loaded with texts from required reading lists in five courses with 94 participating students. Initially 87 students responded to the invitation to participate in a survey, but eventually 13 of these submissions had to be removed, as the degree of completion was not sufficient. The final response rate achieved was 79%. Students were in general positive to the use of e-readers but still show a preference for print on paper as the best medium for serious academic study. When reading books 54% preferred print, 28% a combination of print and e-reader and lastly only 11% were satisfied solely using an e-reader. The iPad scored significantly better than the Kindle DX on tasks that required active interaction with the texts such as highlighting and note-taking.

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    In the library: quiet space endures

    juli 10th, 2012

    The purpose of this column is to present a single snapshot of the modern library. Even though much of the building itself has evolved into a collaborative learning space and a highly visible social environment, the traditional notion of at least a portion of the building as quiet study space must remain in place to support its place, for many, as an enduring exemplar of solitude. For those who are engaged in independent study and quiet contemplation, it is essential that the quiet study spaces in libraries endure.

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