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    Nye bøker innenfor biblioteksfag

    Her er en liste over bøker som er bestilt innenfor biblioteksfag i 2011 (og litt inn i 2012).

    101 ideas for successful library management
    A social history of knowledge II
    ALA glossary of library and information science
    Bibliometrics and citation analysis
    Bokens materialitet
    Book repair
    Change of state
    Collection development in the digital age
    Critical theory for library and information science
    Demystifying the Institutional Repository for Success
    Digital libraries and information access research perspectives
    Digital Rubbish
    Embedded librarians : moving beyond one-shot instruction
    Encyclopedia of library history
    Envisioning future academic library services
    Evaluating the impact of your library
    Facilitating access to the web of data
    Getting started with cloud computing
    Harrod’s librarians’ glossary and reference book
    Indexing : from thesauri to the semantic web
    Information obesity
    Information representation and retrieval in the digital age
    Introduction to digital library management
    Introduction to modern information retrieval
    Kataloger og katalogisering
    Knowledge management : an introduction
    Knowledge management in theory and practice
    Leading change
    Learning at the library
    Librarianship an introduction
    Libraries for users
    Library and Information Science in Developing Countries
    Library collection development policies
    Linked Data
    Making a difference leadership in academic libraries
    Managing Intellectual Capital in Libraries
    Managing Your Library and its Quality
    Marketing strategies for digital repositories
    Mentoring in librarianship
    Modern information retrieval
    Next-gen library catalogs
    No shelf required
    Nye vidensmedier
    Oplysningens blinde vinkler
    Opplysning, vitenskap og nasjon eks 2
    Paper Machines
    Parents of invention
    Practical research methods
    Qualitative research and the modern library
    Reading and writing the electronic book
    Reading communities from salons to cyberspace
    Shaping the future
    Social media marketing
    Strategic Business Development for Information Centres and Libraries
    Subject Specialists in the 21st Century Library
    The Atlas of new librarianship
    The Data deluge
    The Fourth paradigm
    The Google generation
    The Googlization of everything
    The Library marketing toolkit
    The Master switch
    The No-nonsense guide to training in libraries
    Transforming research libraries for the global knowledge society
    University Libraries and digital learning environments
    Working in the Virtual Stacks

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    3 svar til “Nye bøker innenfor biblioteksfag”

    1. Halvor sier:

      Kunnskap – samlinger – mennesker: Universitetsbiblioteket og forskningen gjennom 200 år (UBO 2011)

    2. Svenn sier:

      På vandring : medisinsk avdeling av Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo ved 200-årsjubiléet 2011.

      MedLibTrain : become a better teacher of health information skills.

    3. Svenn sier:

      Denne kanskje (finnes på hele tre avd v UBB):
      The filter bubble : what the internet is hiding from you

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